Submitted by lashmar on Fri, 11/17/2017 - 12:35
Peace brue

At times when I am not able to listen to 70vibe-fm, oh yes I am one of the few station managers that do listen to their stations, I listen to the competition station on the air.

In my thoughts, I think they are doing a good job, but then a half hour passes and I feel compelled to change the station because I have heard it all before. I ask myself why must this station always play the same songs over and over again as if they don't have anything else.

Don't get me wrong, the music (Oldies 60 to 80's music) is wonderful to listen too but there are so many songs that have been lost in memories.

Being an online station it does not come down to how many listeners are listening but how long do they stay listening is what makes a station great. This is where our huge library come to play, to play each song one after the other it would take about one year and when we start repeating you have forgotten the first songs.

The seventies have many styles, and we play it all. This is what makes the station different, I think.

But the facts speak for itself as our ALT (Average Listening Time) is 15hours. This means once you are listening you are hooked to the magic of the seventies musical artistry.

I think its better than playing the same song over and over again till you get so tired of it you want to scream "Oh no! Not again..?"

This is what I am experiencing with the competition, however, there is one small thing they have adverts and we do not have any, which could be another reason why people stayed tuned in.

As a station manager, you are faced with many problems when it comes to financing all this, I could introduce adverts but the our audience is the world and most advertisers have certain audiences they target.

This also evolves with the fact that we were at one stage thinking of broadcasting a live show with wonderful artists but this would only work locally so this idea was dropped too.

Then came the idea to introduce deejays to present their own shows but this failed because there was no interest. I notice that our listeners left the room as soon as someone was talking. This idea was also dropped and stick to our original mandate just play all the seventies music.

But then after almost three years 70vibe-fm is strong and winning many listeners from all over the world and that proves our concept is working.

It would be much appreciated if you drop a comment.

Thank you for reading and listening...



Tue, 05/15/2018 - 01:41

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