FTTH Fibre has arrived, finally!

Submitted by lashmar on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 07:54
Sicodelik 70vibe-fm

It is a miracle to see a van with workers pull up our street and start ripping the paving away. On my request what was happening with the suspicion this could be the long-awaited fibre coming to our area, it proved true. This week they have started laying fibre cables.

I walked into the studio and jumped for joy as this means that the five-year wait has finally come to an end! 

It seems that we will be connected to the fibre network this month and as from next month will have our radio transmissions upgraded too. I am jumping for joy as this marks a new era for our mission. Upgrading our stream to 198Kbps would wow all our listeners and what is more, we will not have this constant drop in streams as this has been haunting us the past five years.

Most of you can assume that based in Africa we struggle to keep up with the technology which the northern hemisphere is used too. But this is a wonder we would love to experience.

Thinking back when I first relocated to South Africa in late 2007 I came from Germany where we had fibre to come to a country that still had dial-in modems. Since then, technology has been introduced as the government allowed it.

Now, finally, we are almost on par with the rest of the world.

I can only say out of joy watch this space.


It has been a long journey but we have today received confirmation that our area is live. Now, comes the wait for the technicians to install the FTTH. This could be days or weeks but hell, we have been waiting for five years now, a couple of days is not compared to the looooong wait. Will keep you updated on developments.

Thanks for reading and keep listening to 70vibe!