New Studio almost done!

Submitted by lashmar on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 11:58
A new look.

It was needed to move the studio and set it up this week. That is why you have noticed that our transmission at times failed to deliver any great music. Well, its eighty per cent completed and hopefully, we are going to have some guest DJ visiting us and entertain us.

To our disappointment the new server has been giving us much problems in the new studio. Hopefully at the end of this week these problems of the program stopping or not running properly is corrected. In the mean while we have switched our old server back on which was rather reliable the past four years.

It goes to show that new is not always the best. Our team are looking to streamline the server and hopefully can take over the load of presenting a professional service.

I do apologise for the unreliable service.