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Thank you for your interest in our music radio station. 70vibe-FM is a group of voluntary music enthusiasts with a passion to keep the seventies and eighties musical artistry alive. This radio station is streaming mobile applications, internet applications and media players. 70vibe-FM has one of the largest music archives with music from the seventies.

Why Advertise on Internet Radio?

The listeners may enjoy a more interactive experience, taking into account musical preferences. With the success of this form of media, internet radio advertising is becoming an increasing popular marketing platform.

Recent studies suggest an Internet radio audience of 70 million listeners per month. This leads to an estimated 300 million hours of ad supported streaming material, with that number projected to rise to 560 million by the year 2017. Investing in Internet radio advertising opportunities at this stage could mean big growth in the future. Revenue studies show profits reaching $471 million in 2018, growing to an awe inspiring $2.64 billion over the next ten years. These numbers should not be ignored when exploring advertising options.

Recently, the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) took a poll to test the efficiency of this type of marketing and came up with some incredible results. They found that Internet radio advertising increased web traffic up to 62%. This is a significant increase, which could be even more significant when mixed with other forms of Internet marketing. It is also possible to focus advertisements more effectively through Internet radio, as different streaming channels will attract different types of listeners. Target markets based on musical tastes and talk show audience polls with this blossoming form of advertising.

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We would love to hear from you and thank you for your interest and keep listening to 70vibe-fm!

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About 70vibe-FM

70vibe-FM is primarily composed of voluntary music enthusiasts, with a mission to keep the seventies musical artistry alive, remembering and featuring all of the music that was published in the seventies.

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